Executive Committee

Rakesh Kallem (President)

Rakesh Kallem is President of the WHCC & has been in this role since 2006.He is the heart of WHCC and has taken the club to new heights. With his direction, WHCC goes beyond just being a cricket playing club and contributes to local community as well as promotes cricket in local schools through the USYCA youth program. All credits to Rakesh's vision & leadership skills, currently WHCC has bragging rights of not only having teams in both CT leagues, but also being an extremely well managed cricket organization in northeast region.

Hari Elavarthi (Vice-President)

Hari Elavarthi is one of the founder members of WHCC. Hari is an aggressive middle order batsman and captained WHCC Rangers in their first year (2008). He's a great leader and been the silent contributor/think tank behind the club's growth in the recent years. He currently serves WHCC as the Vice president and manages club activites with the same aggression and energy as his batting.

Daryl Joseph (EC Chairman)

Daryl Joseph is a Executive Committee Chairman for WHCC. He has been with WHCC since its founding year and has been a hardcore fan/supporter during ups & downs. While Daryl does not play in either team, no team would be complete without his presence and encouragement.Rain or shine WHCC can always count on Daryl to be there cheering the team.His honest opinions & feedback on team performance as well as organisational decisions has been instrumental in the growth of the club.

Prasanna Ramaswamy (Captain - SCTCA League)

Prasanna Ramaswamy is one of the popular player in northeast region. His name is synonymous with runs. Prasanna joined WHCC in 2009 after years of tormenting bowlers across the SCTCA league representing Norwalk Cricket Club. The impact was immediate with WHCC winning the 40/40 title. He has since taken up a leadership role captaining in WHCC Royals and lead WHCC to their third championship in 4 seasons. He is not only a good batsman but also skillful bowler bowling a useful mixture of leg break and googlies. He leads the SCTCA interleague team and his talent & leadership skills has earned him a spot in the coveted USACA Northeast Region team as the captain.

Ganesh Swarnaa (Captain - Hartford League)

Ganesh joined WHCC during 2008 season and he immediately became a crucial all rounder.He is talented top order batsmen, a cunning off spin bowler who possesses a lot of variations in his armory and a very good fielder.He has good knowledge of the game & vice captained our 2012 championship team.In 2013, he has taken up the leadership role to captain new team launched in Connecticut Cricket League(CCL).